• What are the issues freelancers have on Field Engineer?

    The biggest issues freelancers face on FieldEngineer is themselves.

    Here’s why.

    FieldEngineer Is A Platform

    FieldEngineer  is a platform and it is easy to use. That means it attracts people from all walks.

    Freelancers join FieldEngineer and hate the fact that clients bid low, request to much experience, etc.

    FieldEngineer is a platform and it can be very lucrative if you approach it with the right mindset and work ethic.

    My Issues

    When I started FieldEngineer I hated the platform. I was making less than $175/month.

    This was crazy to me! I was pulling down multiple four figure writing contracts off FieldEngineer. I figured there was something wrong with it, not me.

    I was wrong. I was the problem.

    You see I had this idea that FieldEngineer should conform to what I already knew about freelancing. It didn’t. FieldEngineer had its own style, needs, and limitations. When I realized that and learned what they were my income grew every month to now where I make $2K a month freelancing on the side.

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